Air quality assessments, scoping, modelling and monitoring
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Air Quality Consultants

At REDFANsolutions, our experienced team of air quality experts have worked with developers on challenging sites, designing effective mitigation strategies and providing professional advice.

Through the use of air quality dispersion modelling software, we can provide detailed technical support for a vast range of different projects and developments.

Services we offer

There are a number of different services that we offer in relation to air quality, from Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) to on-site monitoring. These services include:

- Air Quality Assessments - Professionally tailored assessments to support planning applications and 

EIA purposes across the UK

- Air Quality Scoping Studies - These studies describe the existing air quality within the assessment 

area, including the presence of pollutants & emission sources

- Dispersion Modelling Assessments - Dispersion models are used to provide reliable estimates of 

pollutants in the assessment area over a larger timescale

- Air Quality Monitoring - We are able to provide accurate monitoring of air quality throughout both the construction and operational phases of a development

We always encourage our customers to engage with an air quality consultant at an early stage so that they can liaise with design teams, engineers and planners.

Why use REDFANsolutions?

- Our team of consultants go the extra mile to make the process as easy as possible
- A fully managed, bespoke service
- Design, guidance & advice throughout your entire project
- Simple explanations helping you cut through the jargon

- Full detailed report 

For a free, no commitment quote (or even just for professional advice) please feel free to contact us
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