Air Tightness Testing

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What is an Air Tightness Test?

Air permeability – or air tightness – in this instance refers to a building's ability to retain warm,
conditioned air and prevent the ingress of cold air from the outside.

The building regulations Part L set a standard target for new dwellings to achieve, with the absolute
maximum being a rate of 10
 of air loss at a pressure of 50pa.

Not only is it a requirement for sign-off, but air leakage can account for a large proportion of heat
loss, so making sure that your property is as air tight as possible can help reduce the overall energy
costs and help you achieve a better EPC rating.

Why use REDFANsolutions?

One of the main reasons to use us for this type of testing is the level of on-site care that we take
with every client, going the extra mile to ensure that you get the pass that you need for Part L sign-

Other reasons include:

- A fully accredited air testing team
- Design, guidance & advice throughout your entire construction phase
- Guaranteed remedial advice in the event of failure

- Same day certification ( upon request )

When is Air Testing Required?

The formal air tightness test is required upon completion of your build and is a prerequisite to successful
EPC lodgement.

Although the formal test is only needed at the end of construction, it is important to keep the air
tightness in mind throughout the project. For this reason, we offer design advice and informal on-
site testing so that you can gauge your progress every step of the way.

For a free, no commitment quote (or even just for professional advice) please feel free to contact us
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