Ventilation Flow Rate Testing & Balancing / Commissioning

What is Ventilation Flow Rate Testing?

Part F of the building regulations sets out the standard for ventilation in new or converted dwellings.
It involves the measurement of the installed ventilation systems, whether they are traditional
mechanical extracts, or a whole house continuous ventilation system.

With the new changes proposed for Part F later in 2020, it will be even more important to ensure
that you have an efficient ventilation strategy, as the testing will become more stringent, with a
growing focus on indoor air quality.

Why use REDFANsolutions?

Not only can our team carry out standard ventilation testing, but they can also help you ensure that
your system is correctly balanced, so that you know that all areas of your property are receiving the
correct level of ventilation.

Other reasons include:

- A fully accredited vent testing team
- Design, guidance & advice throughout your entire construction phase
- Guaranteed remedial advice in the event of failure
- Large price discounts if taken in conjunction with our air testing service

- Same day certification ( upon request )

When is Ventilation Testing Required?

Ventilation testing is required upon completion of your build, but it is important to make sure this is
considered during the design stage to avoid costly mistakes.

For this reason, we offer design advice and on-site ‘walk and talks’, so that you can check your
ventilation strategy before making any final decisions.

For a free, no commitment quote (or even just for professional advice) please feel free to contact us
and we will be happy to help.