Noise Impact Assessments
BS4142 & BS8233 Assessments

Noise Impact Assessments

Noise is defined as unwanted sound and can be a major detriment to a home owners quality of life. 

It is important for those involved to understand the impact that their project will have on the surrounding environment and vice versa.

Noise assessments are often necessary as part of planning applications and can form part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for larger scale developments.

Services we offer

There are a number of different services that we offer in relation to noise impact, including:

- Background Noise Surveys - A measurement of existing noise levels at and around the proposed        development site

- BS4142 Assessments - These predict the impact that a development will have on its surrounding        environment

- BS8233 Assessments - These focus on how existing environmental noise might affect a proposed      development

- Mitigation Strategy Reports - Based on the results of a noise impact assessment, our team are able to design cost-effective noise mitigation strategies

We always encourage our customers to engage with an acoustic consultant at an early stage to liaise with design teams, engineers and planners.

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