Air Tightness Testing

Get Support Passing Part L with Air Tightness Testing and a Proper Air Test

At REDFANsolutions, we are a Building Compliance Testing company. Our job is to carry out assessments on your residential or commercial building, so you know if it’s up to code and that all parts are working correctly. We take care of our customers by providing services throughout England and Wales. We offer services such as an air test, air tightness testing, BREEAM, sound insulation testing, ventilation flow rate testing and so much more.


As a building compliance company, one of the tests we offer is an air tightness test. With air tightness testing, we can help you learn more about your building’s ability to retain warm, conditioned air instead of allowing cold air to pass in from outside. Part L of the building regulations set standard targets for residential or commercial buildings to meet. New dwellings have a maximum rate of 10m3/(h.m2) of air loss at 50 pa. If your building doesn’t meet these requirements as a new build, you could find yourself making costly repairs.


Air leakage is responsible for a large amount of heat loss. Making a property air tight is a good way to reduce energy costs and waste. This will also help your building receive a higher EPC rating, which looks impressive to anyone who wants to buy.


Our fully accredited air testing team can help you throughout all phases of your construction, so that you know you have the best chances of passing the Part L requirements the first time your building is tested. We go the extra mile to make sure you get the pass you need for Part L sign-off. Call us today at 0800 861 1920, and we will give you a free quote for our services.