In 2019, we were asked by Guy Phoenix to provide our services for his new luxury development in  Nottinghamshire called Hermitage.

With no expense spared, this unique home comes with a helicopter and also the world's first
renewable powered eVtol craft landing pad. The unique bathrooms are designed by Armani and the
property also includes a spa, swimming pool and cinema.

Guy has managed to achieve an A-rating for energy efficiency, meaning that despite its large size,
the running costs are as minimal as possible.

This is due in large part to the highly efficient insulation used throughout the property,
combined with a state-of-the-art intuitive heating and cooling air conditioning system on top of the
more traditional underfloor heating, working in unison.

Thanks to the thickness and efficiency of the insulation used, the property minimises heat loss
through the external facades, therefore lowering the amount of energy used by the heating systems
to keep the property at the appropriate temperatures.

We look forward to working with Guy Phoenix again on his next project.

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