Need an Energy Statement to support your planning application?

What Is an Energy Statement?

An Energy Statement is the prescribed method for demonstrating to your local planning department
that you have achieved the reduction in carbon emissions that they have requested (either by
condition, or by way of local planning guidelines).

As a generalisation, most LPA's request a 10%, 15% or 19% reduction in carbon emissions or energy
use, under the Part L targets. The exception to this is the London area, in which far stricter
reductions may be required.

Why use REDFANsolutions?

Our experienced energy assessors will model your proposed development using approved software
and suggest potential methods for you to achieve the necessary reduction, based on the local
policies that apply for your area.

Other reasons include:

- Our team of qualified assessors go the extra mile to make the process as easy as possible
- Proposals based on your specific requirements and targets
- Design, guidance & advice throughout your entire project
- Simple explanations helping you cut through the jargon
- Full reports and documentation provided

When is an Energy Statement required?

An energy statement is generally required if your LPA's require a reduction in carbon emissions under
those set out in Part L of the building regulations.

There is talk of LPAs being prevented from setting these additional requirements once the stricter
targets are released in the updated Part L and Part F regulations later this year (2020), but for the time
being, energy statements will remain a fundamental part of a successful planning application in a
large number of cases.

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