SBEM Calculations made quick and easy,
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What is an SBEM assessment?

SBEM stands for Simplified Building Energy Model and is the method used to check the energy
efficiency of a new or converted non-residential building. It is also used to produce Energy
Performance Certificates, needed to sell or let your property.

With a growing number of developments having to meet increased energy performance standards, it
is vital that an assessor is instructed early to ensure that your design meets building regulations.

Why use REDFANsolutions?

Here at REDFANsolutions, our SBEM team will cater your requirements to your specific project and follow you through the process from design to completion. This way, you can rest assured that you will always be ahead and avoid the need for any major changes later in the build.

Other reasons include:

- Our team is fully accredited with Elmhurst Energy
- Design, guidance & advice throughout your entire construction phase
- Guaranteed remedial advice in the event of failure
- Simple explanations helping you cut through the jargon
- Advice on substitute methods or materials, to help you save money

When is an SBEM Assessment Required?

There are 2 main stages to an SBEM assessment – 1) design & 2) as built. It is important to instruct an
assessor as early in your project as possible, as there is nothing worse than building a property, only
to find that the insulation levels aren’t sufficient, or that the heating/cooling system doesn’t meet
the required standard.

We can help you avoid these pitfalls by assessing your design before you have even broken ground.

For a free, no commitment quote (or even just for professional advice) please feel free to contact us
and we will be happy to help.