Part F Testing

Part F Testing Trouble? Let Us Help with Ventilation Flow Rate Testing at REDFANsolutions

At REDFANsolutions, we’re focused on helping our clients pass their Part F building regulation requirements. Part F of the building regulations set a standard for ventilation in converted or new dwellings, meaning that your new build will have to meet these standards to be used. Your entire ventilation system will be tested, whether it’s a whole-house continuous system or traditional mechanical extracts. In late 2020, there may be changes made to Part F to make it even more stringent, so it’s extremely important that anyone who is building currently has the system tested for efficiency and proper ventilation.


Why work with us at REDFANsolutions? One good reason is because we have a fully accredited vent testing team that can give you design advice, guidance and support throughout the construction of your property. We will work with you to give you the best chance of passing your Part F testing the first time, so you don’t have to make costly changes to your structure. We also offer large price discounts if you use our vent testing with our air testing service. We provide same-day certifications when requested and offer advice with on-site walk-and-talks when you need them. We’re happy to work with you toward a solution for your build, so that you can get it on the market or move into it yourself.


We would be happy to help you if you give us a call. Ring us at 0800 861 1920 to learn more about our services and everything we can to do help you pass your building requirements. If you’d like, you can continue reading about our services and all the different testing we can offer. If you start early with testing, your building will be more likely to be able to pass strict regulations later.