SAP Calculations

You Can Hire REDFANsolutions for SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations for Your Project

At REDFANsolutions, we want to help you better understand the quality of your home or business. We are a team of experienced technicians who will help you make sure that any development complies with air tests, acoustic and noise tests, water efficiency calculations and ventilation tests/ balancing and commissioning. We know that building regulations can be tough, but with the right information, we can tell you what you need to know about your building’s current state.


Did you know that we can support our clients from a pre-build stage all the way through to completion? We will help you ensure that your building complies with the appropriate regulations. We work on many kinds of projects, from a home on Victoria Road in North Wales to a multimillion-pound project in Liverpool. 


At REDFANsolutions, we are a company that can help you with your SAP calculations and SBEM calculations. Let us carry out these services, so that you can know the state of your building. We want to make sure our clients are happy with our services and aim to please. You can reach out to us at 0800 861 1920 to learn more about the solutions we offer to residential and commercial clients alike. We are your one stop shop for building compliance testing and offer you peace of mind at a very affordable price. We cover the entirety of England and Wales, so we’ll travel to you no matter where you are.


Call us today to learn more about our work, how we can help you pass building regulations and what we can do to support you throughout all phases of your project.