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Identifying leakage areas with a smoke generator

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

This video shows air loss around and through parts of the window frame testing with a blower door and smoke generator to aid in identifying the areas. The building will be for student accommodation and so has a large number of windows. Each window will be a penetration in the building envelope and air tightness barrier, so sealing the windows to the building is very important.

The building has a design air permeability of 3 so it is vital to fix any issues earlier on in the project to prevent a fail and expensive remedial works when carrying out the final air pressure test. This project has a value of £12.5M so the construction and the quality of the build is taken seriously and checked at various stages of the build.

If you have a project and are not sure if you have any air leakage areas in your new build then please get in touch with REDFANsolutions to see how we can help.

Other services that we can provide are : Sound Insulation Testing, Ventilation Flow Rate Testing & Commissioning, SAP, SBEM, BREEAM & more.

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