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So lets start with the basics...what exactly does BREEAM stand for?

BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. Since its launch in 1990, it has helped the construction industry push towards a greener built environment not just in this country but around the world.

BREEAM has for many years been seen as the benchmark standard for sustainable development and has been applied in over 70 countries around the world.

How is it measured?

A BREEAM assessor will award 'credits' based on a development's performance against the following criteria:

- Land Use & Ecology

- Pollution

- Waste

- Energy

- Management

- Water

- Health & Well-being

- Materials

- Transport

These credits are then multiplied by an environmental weighting factor, with these individual scores being added together to produce the final result. The development is then awarded a BREEAM rating (from 'Outstanding' to 'Unclassified') based on the final score.

So why is it important?

BREEAM was created as a cost-effective means of recognising the value of sustainable development. It provides a standard of sustainability measurements and helps investors, developers and design & construction teams to use resources more efficiently.

This might not be immediately apparent due to some additional capital cost in construction, however when seen in the context of the overall life cycle value, there is no doubt that BREEAM (and sustainable development) can provide large benefits to a multitude of stakeholders.

REDFANsolutions BREEAM assessors are qualified to undertake various types of BREEAM assessments. We can also provide many of the supplementary services you may need to achieve BREEAM credits.

Some of these services include:

- Noise Impact Assessments

- Transport Assessments

- Energy (SBEM) Assessments

- Air Quality Assessments

- Acoustic Testing

- And many more!

Please get in touch with your requirements to see how we can help or call 0800 861 1920

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